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How to Make a Podcast

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

Now you can create a professional podcast in minutes. Learn how to make a podcast with expert tips from the host of Babe Talk Podcast, Rachel Justis. From the gear you need, what software to use, to recording and uploading your first episode onto Soundcloud.


I've had a few girlfriends ask me how to start a podcast. My first reaction was, "Just google it". Then I tried to remember how I learned to create a podcast. It's honestly crazy to think that I recorded the first Babe Talk episode, "He's Just not that Into You" over two years ago with Alexa Anderson in the White Girl Sunscreen office.

Before you submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts make sure you meet the following minimum requirements.

  1. Your artwork is a square jpg or png formatted image at least 1400 x 1400 and at most 3000 x 3000 in size in RGB color space (1400 x 1400 jpg image recommended).

  2. A unique podcast program title (check iTunes to make sure your program title is unique).

  3. At least one iTunes category selected.

  4. Valid email address in the iTunes email field (notifications from Apple will be sent to this address)

  5. Have created at least one blog post with media (a podcast episode) in either mp3, m4a, mp4, m4v, pdf, or epub form

Submit a Podcast Username on iTunes

After you create a podcast; including recording the podcast, writing the XML, creating artwork, and posting the RSS feed online, you can use Podcasts Connect to validate, submit, and manage your podcast.

You must have an active Apple ID to submit podcasts to the iTunes Store Apple Podcasts directory. You may create a new Apple ID if you do not already have one.

  1. Click the 📷 at the top left of the iTunes Connect dashboard.

  2. Enter your RSS feed into the provided text box and then click the “Validate” button.

  3. A Feed Preview will load if you do not have any validation errors. Please take a moment and review your podcast artwork, description, general information (e.g. description, categories, etc), and episodes. Please see the Validation Errors section if you have any problems validating your podcast feed.

  4. If everything within the Feed Preview is correct, click the “Submit” button.

Please note: You will need to create an episode before you login into Podcast connect. I just wanted to go ahead and get this out of the way.

Where to Host your Podcast

Just like a website needs a host to be "live" on the internet so does your Podcast. You have a few options to choose from below- I personally use Soundcloud.

Soundcloud -- offers an embeddable player, which allows users to comment on specific parts of the podcast. Users can also "follow", "like" or "download" episodes. The stats and analytics allow you to check out what type of device your fans have been listening on (type of mobile device, desktop, third party apps, etc.) and the analytics are easy to understand.

Soundcloud Podcast Packages - How to Create a Podcast

Libsyn-- Automatically creates a blog for each podcast episode, which is pretty sick. That's honestly really the only difference between the two. I personally host Babe Talk on Soundcloud since I get unlimited storage for $15.

How to Create a Podcast - Libsyn Sotfware


Moving forward, I will tell you the steps of uploading your podcast onto Soundcloud.

1. Creating a Souncloud Account: If you haven’t created a SoundCloud account yet, go to SoundCloud and complete your profile information. Upload a Profile image that is at least 1400 x 1400 (direct message or email me for easy-to-use graphic design tools to create a profile photo) and the iTunes Imagery Requirements are below.

2. RSS Feed in a Nutshell: You're in the Content Settings section of your Soundcloud account. Fill out the Bio for your Podcast, Custom Author Name ("Babe Talk podcast by Rachel Justis"), add an email address where listeners can contact you, AND DON'T FORGET to click the Permissions Tab and check the box next to where it says, "Include in RSS feed".

How to Connect RSS Feed on iTunes

RSS feed confuses people when trying to start a podcast. Your RSS feed is the exact information that goes on Podcast Profile via iTunes. Your podcast RSS feed powers what your subscribers and potential subscribers see. Your feed usually affects podcast directory listings, too. Every time you update your RSS feed / anything on your profile you automatically must connect to iTunes and "refresh" aka upload the new content from Soundcloud onto iTunes. *video below

We will get into Uploading your first track on Soundcloud and connecting it to iTunes after I explain how to record a podcast episode.


Before you Record a Podcast Episode Checklist

1. Complete Souncloud Bio. This will be your Bio on iTunes once you connect.

2. You will need intro music- Mp4 file. I personally purchased my intro music from *you must purchase the intro music ... I think mine was around $30

3. You will need a script. Example of a Podcast Script here

4. You will need a microphone.

I started out with a Yeti Microphone it's super easy and the cheapest option. DM or email me for more microphone options. Portable Microphone option. The sound quality is based on how you adjust the Gain on the Yeti Microphone. Gain can be adjusted via the central knob on the backside of the microphone and should be centered to start. The indicator will be vertical if gain is centered. Plug in a pair of earbuds or headphones to the bottom of the microphone (preferably noise canceling) to monitor the live audio feed. If you hear static or noise, adjust the gain down until the audio is more clear.

5. Headphones. This is a personal preference. I actually don't even use headphones.

Recording Podcast Episodes

You will need to download Screenflow to record and edit your podcast episodes. There are other options out there, but I personally use Screenflow (available for MAC users) and it's very easy to use. Download a free trial here or pay $129/yearly.

1. Once you've downloaded Screenflow then open the program.

2. Connect your microphone (via USB) to your laptop or desktop.

3. Recording the Introduction: Click the red button then tap the following keys on your keyboard to start/stop recording the intro: SHIFT + COMMAND + 2 when you're ready to record - it will give you a countdown to 5 *after you press SHIFT + COMMAND + 2 on the keyboard. Create a script for the introduction on a google doc. Once you've finished recording the introduction add the MP4 Introduction song to the Screenflow document you just recorded by dragging the file from your desktop onto the recording timeline. ***SAVE THIS file as, "Introduction - Episode 1" to your desktop.

4. Steps to Recording the First Podcast

a. When you're ready to record the episode tap the following keys on the keyboard: SHIFT + COMMAND + 2 ** 5 second countdown until it starts recording will begin. You will tap the same keys when you're done recording the episode. See next step to what happens after you press SHIFT + COMMAND + 2/end the recording.

b. A box will pop up on ScreenFlow will say, "Create New Document" or "Add to Existing Document/Recording". Either works, but I am going to explain how to record this Podcast as if you clicked "Add to Existing Document".

c. A box will pop up on ScreenFlow will say, "Create New Document" or "Add to Existing Document/Recording". Either works, but I am going to explain how to record this Podcast as if you clicked, "Add to Existing Document/Recording".

d. Now save this file onto your desktop.

e. Once the recording is saved onto your desktop you need to convert the recording into an MP4 file to upload onto Soundcloud. To save the recording as an MP4 click the following: FILE, EXPORT, and then you will export as an MP4.

*Takes 15-30 minutes depending on how long the recording is.

4. Register Your Podcast in iTunes

a. Select Podcasts in iTunes. First launch iTunes and select Podcasts in the top left corner of the iTunes window

b. Go to the Podcast Directory. Now in the bottom right corner of the iTunes window, click on Podcast Directory.

c. Submit a Podcast.

d. Enter your RSS feed URL. ** this will be in Soundcloud

e. Enter your Apple ID and password.

5. Connect your RSS feed to iTunes. Usually updates within 24 hours.

Random Tips:

1. DO NOT place any drinks on the table where your microphone is. You can be an arms length away from the microphone.


iTunes / Apple Link Guide

"Listen on iTunes Podcast Badge" since you're official now.

Apple Podcast Icon Badge: can be used on web pages, social media, apps, print

iTunes Link Maker: Create links for Apple Music, App Store, iBook Store, etc.

iTunes Podcast Validation: Find out if you have any issues with your podcast/if it's up to iTunes standards.


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