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Add Music to Your Instagram Story

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

How to Add Music to Your Instagram Story

Instagram videos are the future of video marketing. People are watching less and less of long youtube videos and opting for short to the point quick 15 second to one minute videos on instagram. Here is an easy way to add music to your instagram stories!

STEP 1: Download the necessary apps.

Assuming you already created your video, you will need to open it in RFV.


STEP 2: Open up RFV and select the camera icon on the left. Select video and open your chosen video. Once the video is open, select the 90 rotate button to make the video horizontal, then click save.


STEP 3: Open the New Video in iMovie.

Hit create project, then select movie and then the new video you just created.


STEP 4: Add Music

Simply hit the plus button in the middle left, then select audio and choose the track from your iTunes Library.

Now that you have added music, simply select the save button and export the video in HD Quality. This will now save as a new video.


STEP 5: Rotate it back.

Open the new video back in RFV and rotate it back to vertical. You will lose quality in your video. Save and open on IG story!

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