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12 Cannabis-based Instagram Feeds worth Following

We’re in the midst of a cannabis renaissance - one which sees Americans alone spending more than $7 Billion on cannabis - to say there is a ‘green rush’ happening is an understatement.  With a new industry bubbling up around us, there has been an explosion of new businesses and more concerted attempts to communicate & reach those interested. You can read the original post I wrote for Goldleaf here.

Of all the social platforms out there, we still love Instagram for its simplicity, focus on aesthetics & personal touch.  The fact that the admin’s at IG have protected it (somewhat…) from being degraded by marketers was wise indeed. It isn’t a virgin anymore (there are ads & other annoyances), but in comparison, it has kept true to its mission.

The platform’s visual focus and powerful storytelling capabilities provide cannabis brands the opportunity to create awareness, connect with their audience in a personal way, and markedly differentiate themselves from all the other noise - and there is a lot of other noise (much of it, isn’t that great or helpful).

Blending cannabis culture, artistry, and design into a gorgeous feed is much easier said than done. So when we stumble upon someone in the space doing it right, we love to share it. Below is a list of (some) brands who go the extra mile to make something lovely for their audience, and are helping to positively make-over the cannabis industry…

Monthly Chill Box • Shoppe • Collective Lifestyle essentials for the discreet toker 🌿

Notes:  Their feed keeps us engaged with stunning product photography of their minimal styles and eye-catching cannabis feed. Warning: If you follow Allume on Instagram you will end up subscribing to their, “Monthly Chill Box” -- trust us.

*EDUCATION THAT TAKES YOU HIGHER* Cannabis Science Certification🌿🔬

Notes: Sativa Science Club takes visual storytelling to the next level through informative Instagram post related to the cannabis community that focus on the educational aspects of medicinal plants.

Serra is an experiential lifestyle brand with curated retail spaces.

Notes: Straight out of Portland. Serra’s Instagram feed not only showcase an array of products, curated spaces that match their overall aesthetic, and a proclivity for balance & color-- but their staff are also gems.

Van der Pop is North America's leading women-centric cannabis brand.

Notes: Whether you’ve been searching for an easy new edible recipe, researching for what cannabinoids to consume to fall asleep at night or cannabis-related events to attend then you’ve found the right Instagram account to follow. Van der Pop is the leading cannabis digest for women that focuses on discretion, education, and style. Van der Pop aims to enhance flower-powered pleasures through a thoughtful and candid exploration of cannabis. Their Instagram clearly reflects this aesthetic and is a brand you must follow for an empowering, real time look at women and cannabis.

Modern Smoking Essentials 🌬

Notes: A clean, simple, and visually appealing Instagram feed. Yew Yew offers a distinct coupling of art, fashion and wellness through ceramic accessories. Every Yew Yew object is made by hand, designed to fit effortlessly into your lifestyle, and beautiful.  

Bongs and Pipes for contemporary consumption

Made from Earth 🌋  By Hand ✌🏽 in California 🌅

Notes: Simple, yet intricate line of handcrafted ceramic products. If you like photos of neatly organized items, then Summerland Ceramics Instagram account is definitely for you.

Luxury Joints Hand-Rolled with only Pure Flower

Notes: When I came across the Stone Road’s Instagram I thought of  the film, “Almost Famous”. Their vibrant feed keeps customers inspired and interested in their products. The Stone Road brand features vintage photos of art and fashion, but what’s even better is that their actual products are in the photos. Impeccable branding and design.

Organic Wellness Shop with pure Oregon sun-grown CBDs

Notes: The Rosebud brand raising the industry standards through direct relationships with their farmers. They utilize their Instagram to raise awareness of the importance of quality potency and lab testing. With bright, sunny images of their latest products, to fun collaborations and post taken by their customers. Their feed is a beauty and cannabis lover’s delight.

Organic Beverages with 15mg Hemp CBD to improve your emotional well-being

Notes: Scandinavian design with a minimal and simplistic aesthetic.  Vybes keeps their feed updated regularly with colorful and bold product images and photos of their customers drinking their organic beverages with 15MG Hemp CBD. Yum.

Cannabis grown by farmers with decades of experience crafting fine cultivars🍁

Notes: Humboldt Legends is known for their well-earned global reputation for the finest cannabis on the planet. As you scroll through their Instagram feed you will find the perfect blend of diverse topography and photography showcasing, “a day in the life of a the cannabis adventurer”.

"Hermès of Marijuana" - NY Times

Notes: The best way to describe the Beboe brand after glancing over their Instagram feed would be -- Hermes meets Glossier of the Cannabis Industry. While Beboe’s account has no shortage of creative product imagery, they also feature photos of folks using their products, an array of inspiration photos that you’d only see in your dreams, and vintage photos that will make you want to take a time machine back to the 70’s . Not to mention, our Lab Pen looks very similar to the Beboe Vape Pen- can’t beat that;-)

Alchemically Crafted Adaptogenic & Regenerative Essentials

Notes: Verte Essentials was created from a philosophy of beauty is not just what you see, but is also what you feel within you. Verte’s feed displays an array of photos surrounding the concepts of happiness and well-being and aesthetically promotes, “when less is more, beauty is inside & out”. Verte Essentials is a great account to follow if you’re into energetic experiences ranging from high energy, to elevating & relaxing and everything in between. Keep up with Verte Essentials on Instagram as their brand continues to grow in the cannabis industry through creative imagery, health-focused post, and holistic rituals.

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