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At I Do Social we focus on getting consumers to talk about your brand. Social media is extremely effective for converting awareness into earned media. We develop content and engagement strategies aimed at stimulating conversation across the social space, including the integration of emerging platforms. While staying on-brand, we update, monitor, manage content and respond to queries, using social media tools to provide top notch CRM.

You will see your own numbers go up as a result. We make recommendations based on a deep understanding of how the marketing mix should be optimized for maximum ROI. The approach we take is backed by more than 15 years of cross-channel experience, best-in-class tool sets, forward-focused analytics, and detailed attention to the nuances of your business.

Storytelling-   The common thread that every brand shares is the story. There is power in storytelling that goes beyond the conversion rate. Who is your target audience? How does your product relate to them?

Authenticity - is the key component to making your brand stand out amongst the crowd in the digital world. Social Media is the only marketing platform where brands can position themselves  to tell your brands story in a way that connects to your target audience. 

Connection- Stop creating and posting content for yourself and get ready to jump into the shoes of the customer. The most successful brand ROI stories share the same founding principles in common: content creation, copywriting, and marketing strategies designed with the customer in mind. It's time to trade shoes with strangers. 

Rules - As a serial entrepreneur,  I can truly say there are no rules when it comes to marketing your brand in the ever-changing digital world. Whether you're a startup or Fortune 500 company the founding principles of growing a brand remain the same: knowing your target audience and connecting with them by relating to them. 

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