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It's time to dive deep into a meaningful Discovery Consultation over 30 minutes to find out the next steps your brand needs to take on social media. Schedule your free consultation here and proceed to "check out" to confirm your free Social Media Consultation. 


During this 30-minute session we will discuss: 

  • Your brand's purpose
  • Short Term (3 month) and Long-Term (1-2 year) goals 
  • Competitive Advantage 
  • Your target audience and ideal customer 
  • Current Social Media Platforms 
  • What you need to stop/start doing on Social Media 


Social Media Consultation

  • Everyone needs advice on what to do with your social media. Whether you own a service or product-based business I am here to help you. This 30 minute consultation is FREE - NO sales pitch, NO hidden fees, or gimics. 


    To make this super actionable, I will send you a questionnaire to fill out for the next steps that will make our 30 minute consultation valuable for you. 

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