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How to take the Intro to Social Media Course?

  • Live-Webinar hosted every Wednesday from 7:00-8:15pm/EST
  • Take the online e-course whenever you desire


The Intro to Social Media Course live webinar is hosted every Wednesday from 7:00-8:15pm/EST. Schedule your class when it's convenient for you. 


Instagram Lab is about connect with your target audience and customer base through storytelling, getting a conversion going, and learning how to convert a follower into a buyer, and long-lasting fan of your brand. This intentional, creative roadmap was specifically designed for you to learn how to understand your customer, enhance and elevate your conversation and copywriting, and learn how to engage on Instagram without spending hours every day to help increase your overall post-reach, engagement, and website conversions. 


It's time to say goodbye to "time-sucking engagement hacks", and sweaty palms that make you forced to put your phone in a bag of rice. 


I'm not goingn to tell you why you need to post clean imagery that aligns with your brand. You already know that. 


I am going to teach you-> How to Sell without Selling on Instagram and how to easily get the algorithm working in your favor!


Intro to Social Media Course


    • You sign up for free courses and challenges that promise to "grow your followers".
    • You diligently show up each and every day.
    • You've read seemingly every blog post and hundreds of freebies that promise to give you the secrets behind growing your account.
    • You maybe even already invested in other Instagram courses (and weren't totally satisfied with the results).
    • You still feel like you're struggling to understand how to work around the algorithm


    Because I see you out there trying to connect on Instagram

    ..... you're sick of the pointless follow/unfollows


    .... the empty "love!" comments


    .... and the crickets you keep hearing even though your followers are growing.


    But what if I said you don't have to "beat the algorithm" or find the next new hack to work around it. That there's actually a (simple!) way to make the algorithm work - in your favor.


    What if you could make sales... without constantly pitching yourself on Instagram? 


    What if YOU became the go-to shop for your customer?

    No questions. She remembers you, always comments on your Instagram, and is excited to support you.


    In fact, you're starting to have a love/hate relationship with Instagram.

    You're sick of the desperate 'follow/unfollow' game and trying to keep up with confusing algorithm changes.


    You want to sell on Instagram in a way that feels good, not just for you, but your customers too.

    You're looking for real engagement, real followers, and genuine comments that make you smile and get you excited to chat with your people every day. You want to sell on Instagram in a way that feels good, not just for you, but your customers too.

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